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Post hier ervaringen en problemen met de installatie en aansluitingen van het Tele2 modem
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Settings for FritzBox
I moved from Online to Tele2. I cannot use Tele2 modem, I want to use my Fritz (don't need a separate DECT central).
I have the 50 MB option.
What I did until now:
1. I found that DSL connection works with the settings from Online (connection at the physical level).
I found that Internet is on VLAN 32 and a default user/pass of tele2@tele2.nl tele2 works.
What do I need:
1. How to get the SIP data and password to set my phone line?
2. How to get my ppoe user/pass ?
What would be also nice to know:
1. Why Tele2 klanteservice does not know anything useful and tries to convince you to set a DMZ ?
2. Why the ZTE router has ports 12261 and 41167 open ?

Can anyone help me?
For some people the easy way to get ppoe user/pass is in the welcome letter from Tele2 with username and password for MijnTele2.

This works in some circumstances.

If you have the ZTE modem or the Technicolor, I've not read anywhere how to get ppoe user/pass out of it.

With a Comtrend vi 3223u I found that with Comtrend as router/modem the address shows with page source the settings in xml format.

With the little program RouterPassView (search with Google) you find the decrypted password.

Ppoe username: username from emailaddress or MijnTele2 with, for older connections @3p.versatel.nl, for other @tele2 (last I'm not sure; is somewhere at this forum; can't find it)
i only use internet for tele 2 what setting i have to fillin into my fritzbox
At the page Internet - Account Information you fill in:
Internet service provider - Other service provider
Connection - DSL Line
Is account information required? Yes
Account Information username & password
Connection Settings
- Maintain permanently (recommended for flat rates)
Delay disconnection by provider to the period between 3-4
DSL ATM Settings Set manually
VPI/VCI 0/32
Encapsulation PPPoE

Witch Fritzbox and firmware do you have? And witch Tele2 modem?

Here above i described how to become user/pass for DSL connection using a Comtrend modem? Does this work for you?
fritzbox is a 7390
modem is a h369a
Ok, mine is a Fritzbox 7490, works fine.
Did you find the DSL pass and username?

With that modem I have no experience.
I read at the other Tele2 forum that the DSL login is the same as the original login for mytele2. (In the welcome letter)

You can try to save backupsettings or try what works in the Comtrend :
welcome letter what do you mean
Dutch: "welkomstbrief" That is a letter some people become after signing up for the Tele2 service. In the letter are, sometimes (depends on the Tele2 connection) password and user name for MyTele2. These should, again sometimes, be valid for the DSL (PPoE) connection.

So it is here about the original username and password for MyTele2, the username is in that case the Tele2 email adres.

In my case, an older type connection, it was username@3p.versatel.nl
and a password with 12 numbers and underscore characters.

Hope this helps!
i dont have the welkomstbrief anymore
info of my tele2 login is for example sjefhendriks and i have my own pass
my 7390 says dsl green but pppoe error
The error is missing user/pass.

I've no idea of the ZTE modem, with a Comtrend i could help you.

Anyway, can you backup the settings of the modem in a file? In that file you should find the logins.

In the Comtrend they made it impossible, the result was an empty file, but maybe you can.

In my modem i found out, that with i got the contents of that file on the screen; select all, copy and paste in notebook and save as backupsettings.conf.
Then with routerpassview (you find it on the internet) decrypt the password.

Does that work in the ZTE modem?

If this is disabled. you find disabled features in the source code of the webpages in the ZTE or in the menu. It is a bit complicated, but that is how i find out. Then you try the disabled weblinks, like the one above.
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