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Snelheid probleem + klantenservice probleem ADSL 20Mb
Hi All,

Sorry for English: I understand Dutch (don't hesitate to answer in Dutch) but my speaking is bad and my writing is beyond terrible.

I have a 20Mb contract of tele2. It was never very fast by lately it is just terrible. It also quite unstable: when I watch a movie online (some official broadcasting website in NL) it keeps freezing and buffering every minute. Even gmail loads in minutes sometimes. When I check it with testmy.net, speedtest.net or speedtest.nl, I get 2Mb when I'm lucky and sometimes (often!) way below 1Mb. I called the service guys:

- my connection is very slow
-- how did you check?
- independent tests
-- you should only use speedtest.tele2.nl
- strange, 'cause I visit other pages as well when I surf
-- no, you should only use our test
- Ok let's try
....after many minutes of opening the speedtest page and many more minutes of the test itself the answer of the page was 5.5Mb. The guy was constantly telling me that it takes too long to test (he's wasting his time) and I should call back. I was saying: "it takes that long because the connection is damn slow, so you should wait or call back, not me. Anyways....
- it's 5.5Mb
-- I see the same speed here, so your connection is Ok
- but I pay for 20!
-- nobody gets 100% of ADSL
- I get bloody 25% max with your dedicated test which is not true anyway.
-- that's because of the distance between the "centrale" and your modem.
- I don't really care about the distance. I want to get good speed or I want to pay you 25% of what I pay now. And I also want reasonable speed with the independent tests.
-- I cannot help you, good bye.

I don't understand it at all. Why so arrogant? Why not with independent tests? Why should I accept 25% of what I pay for???
I think I should change the provider but how can I be sure that it is not the same (or worse) rubbish as TELE2?

Do you guys know any ways to check possible problems with my connection and/or any ways to convince these chaps in the klantenservice that my connection is not good at all?

sorry for my poor englisch but will try it.
on the above ip adres you can chek the distance between you and te central hub from witch you are conected.
fill in your postal code and house number.
they tell you the distance (this is aprox) and on witch hub (in dutch wijkkast) youre connected.
also wath is possible with your speed.
tose things are onley a indication every provider handels diferend lists for distance!
furter about your story do you regular a defragmentation of your harddisk?
try ccleaner(google on it) it wypes out all old cookies and hidden reg keys witch are not nesecery.
onley use the broom and the diveded blocks (it dont harms your sytem)
its incresing the computer speed.

the problem of the low internet speed is totaly in the hands of tele2 and depending (also)of your distance and the quality of your line.

kleine foutjes worden gezamelijk een grote berg
waar je gewoon tegenop kijkt!
Thanks for sympathy!

Thanks for the info. I'll try to analize my connection as you porpose. As for the computer performance, I did the checks and I also tried to measure the speed from a PC with a just installed WinXp. Did not change the result Sad
I'll be back with news.
Tele2 Webcare
Dear Woodman,

I'm sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with our product.
Please send me your address-details to danielle@tele2.com stating your username, so I can check for a solution.

Kinds regards,

Danielle from Tele2
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