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Problem with installing TELE2 internet
Hi everyone. Sorry for english, just my dutch is not gooed enough; and i want to make myself clear.

I have a trouble with installing internet. Being a software develper I cannot get it work. Connecting all wires as it says in manuals doesn't help.
With different manipulations i figured out that modem behaves itself like there is no telephone line. And, i expect, that probably there is something really technical simple installation step is missing, like somewhere there is a switch Cool which connects a telephone line to network. The house i'm living now is completely new, noboby lived there before.

As far as i know all telephone connections are provided through KPN.

But if i ordered complete pack from TELE2, so TELE2 should take care of all arrangments, including KPN. I called to Klantenservice, and at the point of "If you have problem with installing internet modem" i got an answer "go to tele2.nl".Angry

A week has past since it was promissed to get me connected.

questions are:
1. Can i get a real person on the phone who can check in their (TELE2) system, why i cannot get connected? If so - how can i reach himt (phone/e-mail)?
2. If the problem in KPN line - who is responsible for this KPN or TELE2? And how to reach one of them?
3. If there is any extra actions (switch/plug/wires) i should take before all of installation?

Thanks for any help, You can answer in dutch if you want to make Yourself precisly clear Frown
Thanks, Gilex for a tip.

I sent private massage to Tele2Webcare user... awaiting for an answer...
It feels like i have a risk not to get an answer. And at the end of all - there is a risk to miss a WK2010 final Shock
Well, guys... Problem is solved. Grin

Thanks to support guys and to Daniel from Tele2Webcare.

Indeed it was something with KPN line. I made an appointment with KPN support, but they didn't show up. And then i connected modem again - HEY IT WORKS! Only dissapointed that i had to wait for KPN guy for 2 hours for nothing.

Anyway, it fixed. I do have Internet and TV.

Personaly, i found support team members very polite and nice Wink
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